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Offering Display Booths for Participating Enterprises

SEWF 2014 Social Enterprises Fair

Offering Display Booths for Participating Enterprises

The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) is a major international event that supports the growth of social enterprises worldwide. To encourage participation and exchange among social enterprises, we are organizing the Social Enterprises Fair this year. Now we are offering display booth facilities in search for enterprises willing to advertise their products. We look forward to meeting you soon!

SEWF 2014 Organizing Committee

July 31, 2014

1 Fair Overview
  • Eligible participants : Social enterprises and related organizations from outside Korea, each with five or more delegates participating in SEWF 2014.
  • Date and time : 10:00 – 19:00, Oct.14(Tue) – Oct.16(Thu)
  • Venue : The K Seoul Hotel (Grand Ballroom and the lobby).
  • Number of booths : Approximately 10 (may be subject to change, depending on on-site conditions and needs).
  • Booth size : 3 meters x 2 meters (standard size)
  • Participation charges : Free of charge (with the expenses for features and facilities other than items listed below to be borne by participating enterprises themselves).
2 Basic items provided

Item Quantity Remark
Pre-fabricated booth (3m x 2m) 1
Information kiosk 1
Advertising panel 1 A1 or A0 in size
Table / display stand 1 Choose either.
Chairs 2
Electric sockets 2 220V
PR materials stand
3 Application requirements
Requirement Description Remark
Deadline 18:00, Sunday, August 31, 2014.
Submission Applications to be submitted via e-mail.
Required documents - Application (along with the attachment) filled out
- 10 photographs (large-sized, .jpg files)

- Enterprise logotype/trademark/CI (.ai file)

Photographs and logotype/CI to be used in creating advertising panels.
Contact project manager Helena Choi SEWF Organizing Committee Secretariat

(Tel. +82-(0)2-330-0723)

4 Evaluation criteria and process
  • Criteria : Applicants with themes that conform to the main theme of this year’s SEWF will be chosen, according to the national/regional quota scheme.
  • Application submission → Evaluation (by a panel) → Announcement.
  • Final announcement : To be made on September 10, 2014 (but the date may be subject to change according to needs).
  • The announcement will be made on the SEWF website at
5 Rules
  • SEWF 2014 provides only the basic items listed above. Participating enterprises will have to bring or otherwise procure all other display materials and amenities they need.
  • For the construction and installation of extra structures at or near given booths, please consult the SEWF 2014 Organizing Committee first in order to ensure the visual and thematic consistency between the given booths and the new installations.
  • You are not allowed to use or install items that may damage the walls and floors of the venue, such as thumbtacks, nails, screw spikes, etc.
  • You may install and use acoustic devices, but only to the extent that their sounds would not affect other nearby booths. (Should other booths raise complaints, the SEWF 2014 Organizing Committee may restrict their use.)
  • Please refrain from installing additional heating devices, refrigerators, and other such electric equipment that can consume significant amounts of power on site.
  • Firearms and inflammable materials are forbidden in booths. (Should you have programs or activities that require the use of inflammable materials, consult the SEWF 2014 Organizing Committee first).
  • Any goods that may threaten safety are restricted on the fair site, whether for personal possession, display, or sale.
  • Sale of food, beverages, and other items for individual fundraising is strictly prohibited. (You may receive and sign sponsorship agreements.)
  • Each participating enterprise is responsible for the safety and protection of any goods and equipment it brings into the fair venue.
  • Each participating enterprise is responsible for the security, safety, and cleaning of the area inside its booth throughout the fair period.
  • The SEWF 2014 Organizing Committee may revoke or limit the use of booths that either interfere with the movements of visitors or otherwise interfere with the operations of other nearby booths.
  • In organizing and performing programs or activities, make sure to prevent safety accidents.
Download : Display Booth Application Form

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