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About Work Together Foundation

Work Together Foundation (WT), formerly the National Movement Committee to Overcome Unemployment, was established in 1997 in response to the financial crisis in 1997, as the largest NGO, to address the unemployment issues that arose from this crisis. The Committee provided funds to over 5,380,000 unemployed workers and their families to cover living costs, representing 10 percent of the population of South Korea.

Nowadays, WT envisages a sustainable society, resolving social polarization and is leading efforts to support social enterprises and growth in job creation in Korea.
WT is currently working to address unemployment across a diverse constituency through its incubation centre, promotion of social enterprises, raising and expanding social capital, supporting capacity building of the civil sector and building a community network for employment welfare.

Why Work Together Foundation?
There is considerable interest in social entrepreneurship and the needs social entrepreneurs serve and fulfil around the world. WT aims to broaden its impact to social enterprise by connecting local social enterprises around the world, continuing to support and launch new social enterprises and projects, which serve global social needs.

WT are honoured to be hosting this year’s world forum and will use this as a platform to showcase the work and impact we, and our fellow social entrepreneurs in Korea, are making. We look forward to welcoming our international peers and having this unique opportunity to demonstrate Asia’s passion for social enterprise, as the core foundation for ASES, through a diverse programme of workshops, our youth camp and the adjoining trade show.

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