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Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Community, Notice | 0 comments

Regular Meetings of the Organizing Committee Held

The SEWF 2014 Korean organizing committee convened for two regular meetings in March and April. The meetings were presided over by organizing committee chair Jong Tae Choi.During these meetings the world forum program, means of supporting the forum, as well as recommendations for committee members and advisors was discussed.

At the first meeting the number of successful social enterprise case studies was the topic of discussion. It was determined that the numbers in both domestic and overseas markets must be increased. Doing so would increase the value and help to the participants who attend the forum. The need for the additional appointment of social economy experts was also raised during the first meeting. The second meeting, under the theme ‘Social Change through Social Enterprise,’ discussed means of establishing effective subtitles, as a result of which the subtitles ‘social innovation,’ ‘social integration’ and ‘social investment’ were confirmed.

The SEWF 2014 Korean organizing committee, through regular meetings held once each month, is making every effort in preparing for the forum. The goal of these meetings is to enrich the program and enhance the expertise of the committee itself. The committee will discuss the appointment of SEWF 2014 publicity ambassadors, as well as a general review and discussion regarding the proposed program, at the 3rd regular meeting which is to be convened around late May.

Current members of the SEWF 2014 Korean Organizing Committee include committee chair Jong-tae Choi , Representative Director Young-jae Ryu (Sustinvest), Representative Director Sang-dal Shim (MYSC), Professor Yong-hee Yang (Hoseo University), Professor Kang-sung Lee(Samyook University), Professor Gwang-taek Lee(Kookmin University), Chief Director Chong-soo  Lee(Korea Social Investment), and Professor Young-bohk Cho (Pusan National University).

* See SEWF 2014 organizing committee members

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