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Posted by on May 14, 2014 in Community, Notice | 0 comments

Introducing the official emblem of SEWF 2014

To promote the successful hosting of the tournament, SEWF organizing committee created this official emblem.



The emblem of ‘Social Enterprise World Forum 2014′ is designed to conceptualize the happy state of people achieved through sustainable job creation. Korea’s traditional pattern of ‘Tai qi’ was personified in the guise of a man, representing the future, leaping into a better society. The design was created using bold brush strokes, demonstrating hope for the development of a dynamic SEWF 2014.

The emblem is colored in red and blue to invoke the visual effects of having Korean flag colors present and symbolize to the world that the forum will be held in Korea.

* SEWF 2014 Official Emblem Download

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