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Posted by on May 14, 2014 in Community, Notice | 0 comments

Social Enterprise World Forum 2014 website open!

Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) is an international forum that supports the development of social enterprises in order to solve important social issues existing in today’s world. Social entrepreneurs and social enterprise organizations from across the globe will be joining together in an effort to increase the social impact of social enterprises and bring about positive changes through collaboration and innovation.

The first SEWF conference took place in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008. The sixth conference was held in Calgary, Canada October 2013.  The SEWF 2014 conference is being held for the first time in Asia taking place during the month of October in Seoul, Korea.

The Work Together Foundation, the host organization of this event, invites experts from the social enterprise field to form an organizing committee.  Through collaboration of the committee and a variety of organizations, the working Together Foundation is striving to host a successful forum. The SEWF 2014 theme, “Social Change through Social Enterprise”, encourages discourse on a variety of topics including, “Social Innovation”, “Social Inclusion” and “Social Investment”.

Additionally, we would like to announce that Korean and English websites were opened on Thurs, May 8, with more details about the conference.  Please refer to our website for information about the conference program or to register for the event. For additional inquiries or assistance with registration please contact the SEWF 2014 Organizing Committee (82-2-330-0722/

We welcome your feedback, interest and support for the 2014 Social Enterprise World Forum.

By SEWF 2014 Organizing Committee

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